SleepPro Night Guard - SleepPro Snoring Solution
SleepPro Night Guard - SleepPro Snoring Solution
SleepPro Night Guard - SleepPro Snoring Solution
SleepPro Night Guard - SleepPro Snoring Solution
SleepPro Night Guard - SleepPro Snoring Solution

SleepPro Night Guard

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A Range of Custom Made Anti-Bruxing night guards to help relieve the effects of clenching and grinding 

  • A custom made night guard for upper or lower teeth
  • The same quality as provided by your dentist at a fraction of the cost
  • Made to fit your teeth exactly to your own dental profile
  • Available in 3 versions depending on the severity of your bruxing starting from only £34.99
  • Simple home impression system delivered directly to your door
  • Reduces or eliminates morning headaches *
  • Helps you have a better night’s sleep *
  • Protects your teeth from wear and damage *
  • Soothes aching jaw muscles due to clenching *
  • Composed of high grade dental material – BPA and Latex Free
  • Storage Case included 
*  Check The Research Page for further details if required
How To Order
From the drop down list above select which product meets your requirements:

SleepPro Slimline £34.99 A soft thin flexible night guard. Approximately 1  to 1.5 mm in thickness, for light grinding/clenching. Best option for first time users of night guards.

    SleepPro Standard £37.99 A thicker more robust nightguard, approximately 2.5 to 3mm thick, ideal for mild to moderate grinding. Flexible but soft surface to bite into

      SleepPro Cushion Fit £42.99 A hard rigid night guard for heavy grinding/bruxing. Approximately 2.5 to 3mm in thickness with a hard biting surface but with a slightly soft fitting layer touching the teeth to provide a firm and positive grip, with a slight cushioning effect.

      What happens next

      On receipt of your order, we will send you a small home impression kit, the kits are universal and can be used for upper or lower impressions.

      All instructions are included and should you have any problems we are here to help. If you are unsure of the impression and if it is good enough just email us a photo and we can let you know immediately. If necessary we will send you more impression material.

      Once completed we will email you dispatch confirmation and you should receive your new night guard a few days later. We aim to turn all orders around within 5-10 working days, but during busy periods this may take a little longer, we will keep you informed.

      All models are retained for 18 months so should you require a replacement or spare we can process your order quickly without having to repeat the impression process.

      Watch out for your repeat order discount code for 10% off all future orders which will be in with your completed night guard.