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Night Guard 14 Day Special Offer

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If you are happy with your night guard and would like a spare, we can offer you a special repeat order offer. While we still have everything to hand and ready in the lab, we can offer you a special offer of a second-night guard for only £25 plus shipping

An ideal way to have an emergency spare to hand, or try a different thickness. 

For 14 days after delivery, you can order a second night guard for £25.00 plus shipping, the same as your previous order, or a different thickness, but this only stands for 14 days.

If you want the same again, just place your order here and we will get on with the job for you.

Should you require a different thickness this time to maybe try and thicker or thinner version, just select from the dropdown box

After 14 days this offer will expire and you will only have the opportunity to receive a 10% discount on your future orders.