SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm

  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions
  • SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm - SleepPro Sleep Solutions

SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm


The SleepPro Standard (soft) Night Guard 3mm is a custom made for upper or lower teeth, approximately 3mm in thickness, it is made from a soft flexible dental-grade polymer. Ideal  for mild to heavy clenching / grinding (bruxing)

Twice the thickness of our Slimline nightguard it provides greater separation of the teeth and it will potentially have a longer lifespan. If you have worn a SleepPro Slimline and found it wore through too quickly the SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm may be an upgrade option that will last you longer. 

** This product is not suitable for use as a retainer **

No dental visit required everything is handled via post. We ship you a simple impression kit to take your own impression. The kit is universal and can be used for upper or lower teeth so you do not need to specify. When done you simply send it back to us in the envelope provided and we make your SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm. (you are responsible the postage to send your impression to us)

All materials used are the same as supplied to our dental clients. They are compliant with CE requirements for such products and we import from one of the worlds leading suppliers of dental material in Germany. 

Full instructions are provided, with additional YouTube videos for those who need a little extra coaching on how to take an impression. 

Once we receive your impression we send you an email confirming its safe arrival. Our technical team will then check it to ensure all is well and we are able to use it.

10-14 days later you will receive your finished SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm.

We retain your models for a minimum of 18 months during which time you can order replacements without having to repeat the impression process. Returning customers will receive a 10% discount, details will be in your delivery letter that will accompany your completed SleepPro Standard Night Guard 3mm.

A quality impression is a key to a well-fitting night guard, here is a short video showing images of what we cant use! And hints and tips on how to get the best result.

Have your own dental model/impression? Check out our FAQ page on what to do


I have My Own Model

If you have your own dental model, it is in good condition and you have not had any major dental work since it was made, then yes, we can certainly use your own model.

When sending your own model please follow these instructions: 

Place your order online. When you receive your order confirmation, make a note of your order number and email putting your name and order number in the subject line and just type "sending my own model" in the body text of the email.

Wrap your model securely, don't forget to include your name and order number and Post to:
SleepPro Product 5 Broadpiece, Milton Keynes MK15 8AT 

When we have received the model we will send you an email to confirm the safe arrival. We will of course return your model; BUT please be aware although we do our best to take care of your model, we can not guarantee that it will not be damaged during transit period, the manufacturing process or it may require some reshaping/modification to fit our system. 
Due to the additional handling and processing times required for customer supplied models there is no discount offered.

*By sending you own model you are agreeing that we do not hold any responsibility to damage or loss during or after the production process and you are confident that the model will provide a good fit. 

"Why do I have to pay to send my impression back? Cant you offer prepaid return?"

Two very good questions we get asked a lot and worth spending time on providing a detailed explanation.

We are focused on providing a quality product, exceptional customer service at a sensible price. In the early days we offered the full package of prepaid return stickers. Just pop the impression in the bag and drop it in the post box!
Well, that was a bit of a mistake, as many customers did just that. Put the impression in the bag, put the sticker in and dropped it in the post box. Much to the detriment of the impressions! Many arrived damaged beyond use so we had to reissue a new kit for the customer to retake the impression. For those in a hurry, that was not acceptable!

So, we amended instructions to ensure the impressions were well wrapped before posting! The prepaid return service (Royal Mail Service) had specific parameters for weight and size, whilst light in weight, customers started to send in packages way to big, plenty of padding but over the size limitation for the prepaid service, so we were fined for every item over the limit. Which seemed to be most of them. Raising the size limit to the next band of pre-paid service made it too expensive!

Whilst we used a first class pre-paid service the actual delivery time to our office ran from  5-10 days! Not acceptable to many customers and justifiably so, packets arriving with us when the item should have been made and delivered back to the customer in the same time scale.
Phone calls a plenty! “Where’s my order I sent it first class using your label”  Delayed by having too much padding added up to 5 days, delays from the poor postal service added 5-10 days it was not a sustainable situation!
Add to this the ever increasing postal rates and a declining service we had to find a solution!

Couriers? Way to expensive and equally if not worse at pickups or special arrangements!

So, after months if not years of trial and error, we decided to put the responsibility and expense of sending the impressions back here onto the customer, and; what a difference!
With customers now engaged in the process of shipping the impressions back, packages now arrived well packed without having to give instructions.
Postage fees applied correctly, no excess fees to pay.
Express items sent without us having to make special arrangements.
Still no answer for the lost or delayed packages, but with customers engaged in the shipping process there is more understanding when things do go wrong in the postal system.

So while it may seem to some it’s a “penny pinching scam”  it is in fact cheaper for the customer, more efficient and allows us to deliver a quality product and service


Risk Assessment
Making your own dental impressions is straight forward but can has some risks which you should be aware of before deciding 
Allergy. We use vinyl polysiloxane. Vinylpolysiloxane (VPS) is a type of silicone-based impression material commonly used in dentistry. It is a popular choice for making accurate dental impressions due to its high dimensional stability, tear strength, and accuracy. VPS is available in a variety of viscosities, allowing dental practitioners to choose the appropriate consistency based on the specific application. It is used in a variety of dental procedures, including crowns, bridges, and dentures. VPS has largely replaced traditional impression materials like alginate due to its superior accuracy and ease of use.
Damage to teeth, crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, implants, crowns or other oral prosthesis. So long as your teeth are in good health, your crowns etc are fitting well and are not loose or leaking the risk of damage is minimal. But should you be concerned please check with your dentist first before considering a purchase or proceeding with any impression process. Ultimately it is your choice and we do not accept responsibility for any damage caused using our impression system.
Stuck impression. The impression material used is soft and "fluid" it is designed to flow around and between teeth to provide an accurate impression. If you have very "gappy" teeth or receding gums this can create more undercuts and greater surface area of tooth. Whilst the impression material does not have any adhesive quality, it can feel "stuck" to the teeth when trying to remove it. It is best to remove it by first breaking the suction on one side, pulling the impression off the molar area first usually works best. Once the impression starts to move it should slowly release all the way around. In the rare circumstances you are unable to break the suction a call to 111 will be necessary to find a duty dentist who would be able to assist. This is however exceptionally rare occurrence, but must be mentioned as a potential risk.
Bleeding after impression removal. If taking blood thinning medication, please be aware that when removing the impression it is possible to scratch or puncture the gum with a misplaced fingernail! Care should be taken if you are know to bleed easily.
If you experience bleeding gums after taking a dental impression, it is important to take it seriously. Bleeding gums can be a sign of inflammation, infection or trauma to the gums. Ignoring it can lead to serious dental problems such as gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.
To take action, first, consult your dental professional. They may recommend a follow-up appointment to assess the situation and provide you with an appropriate treatment plan. In the meantime, you can improve your oral health by gently brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and using an antiseptic mouthwash. Be sure to avoid acidic or sugary foods and drinks that can irritate your gums. Finally, stay hydrated and get enough sleep to help your body heal. Remember, early detection and treatment can prevent serious dental problems down the line.
When agree to a purchase You warrant that:
You are over 18 years of age
the information and personal details You provided to us are correct.
You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
You are not allergic to vinyl polysiloxane (additional silicone) which we use as impression material
Your dentist has not advised you against using any of our products
You will take the impression Yourself
You will only use any of our products for the sole purpose for which they were intended
You will remove any dentures before taking any impression
You have no loose or decayed teeth
You will not use any of our products if you have loose crowns, bridgework, inlays, onlays or fillings, fixed orthodontic treatment, or any other oral problems such as, but not limited to gum disease.
You understand that we are not dentists and can not provide any treatment or advice.
You understand that if any impression is not satisfactory, any further supplies of impression material is available at our discretion and at your cost plus carriage.
You accept that neither the manufacturer nor Us are responsible for any consequences of Your use of any of the products we supply to You unless You have completely and accurately followed the product instructions.
You agree to indemnify Us our agents and servants and employees and any manufacturer or supplier of our products against any 3rd party claims


Returning Customer

Are you a returning customer?

Was it in the last 12/18 Months? We may have you model(s) available in storage.

To reorder,  select your product, from the dropdown list select "returning customer..use models from storage." which will trigger us to look for your model. If there is a problem or we no longer have a copy available we will send you a new kit, but most models are still usable.

For your discount code please email