What if I have dentures?

Dentures, missing teeth and SleepPro mandibular advancement splints:

We have lots of happy customers who are denture wearers and who have missing teeth. However, people with dentures or missing teeth may or may not be able to wear a SleepPro. It depends upon which teeth are missing and whether or not you wear your dentures when asleep.

With a SleepPro, it is normally not a problem if you have your front teeth, or if you normally wear “front teeth” dentures while asleep. However, it may be wise to discuss this with your dentist before making a purchase. If he or she says it is OK, then you should have more confidence about trying a SleepPro. The mouthpiece needs something to “grab” hold of in order to do its job.

We normally tell denture wearers that we won’t know if it works until you actually try it. Given that there is a greater degree of uncertainty associated with denture wearers, we are prepared to offer a refund of 100% of the purchase price* if it proves to be unsuitable. We can, however, say that we have lots of happy customers who are denture wearers. Please feel free to email us to discuss this point if you are unsure about it.

*Applies to sleeppro easifit only