Medical evidence provided by the NHS for SleepPro products

Totally independent research has been carried out by leading medical researchers at Papworth Hospital in the UK who are world-famous for their work in heart research and sleep disorders.

Their two key recommendations for custom made oral appliances were:

  • SleepPro Custom should be offered as first line treatment for mild OSA and any form of snoring
  • SleepPro Custom should be offered as an alternative to CPAP for the treatment of moderate OSA

The SleepPro Custom is a bespoke mouthpiece to stop snoring and to prevent sleep apnoea and it is much more affordable than any dentally fitted device. It has the highest possible medical recommendation in the research conducted by the Sleep specialists at Papworth Hospital whose findings were published in Autumn 2014 in ‘Thorax’.

The SleepPro Custom will offer maximum comfort and efficacy, and it will stop you snoring immediately, safeguarding your future health. As they are fully NHS Approved, all SleepPro appliances are issued direct by a number of UK Hospitals and Specialist Sleep Centres; others make online purchase their recommendation and issue supporting literature.


Background, worldwide independent research, and details of technical data, Certification and product composition

The SleepPro range offers products that are priced to make mandibular (jaw) advancers affordable to everyone and they are available as both boil-and-bite and custom made mouthpieces. Since first established in 1998 the SleepPro range has become the leading UK brand.

SleepPro products are fully recommended by the NHS – which is the Government administered Health Service of the United Kingdom – for which the products are approved for any patients with mild to moderate OSA. SleepPro is also recommended both by Dentists and Medical Practitioners alike.

A great deal of worldwide research supports the use of oral appliances to prevent snoring and limit sleep apnoea and details of the SleepPro system, the technical background and product composition.


Supporting evidence on the suitability of a Night Guard for Bruxism published by the British Dental Association

Research conducted on behalf of the BDA to evaluate pain management and other issues due to Bruxism during sleep in patients with TMD.


SleepPro products enjoy a quoted success rate of 98% in preventing snoring effectively and quickly based on customer responses. This figure is based on our carefully measured return rates for appliances.

All SleepPro appliances may be returned inside 30 days if they are not successful and payment is refunded to the customer.