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VH – SleepPro Easifit

I don’t snore any more!
After years of sleeping in the spare room and a failed marriage, I can finally say that I don’t snore! In the past, I have tried, nasal strips, sprays and even a hairbrush strapped to my back in an attempt to stop me from rolling over! SleepPro Easifit has changed all that. I used an app on my phone called Sleep Recorder. Each morning there would be a recording of over an hour of loud snoring, but now all I get is just a couple of minutes of my noisy central heating firing up! SleepPro Easifit has been 100% successful for me and I would tell everyone who snores to try this product, you’ll be delighted with the results.*

Susan Greaves – SleepPro Woman

At last, someone has realised that lots of women snore too and has created a suitable product for the girls. Not only has it stopped me snoring, but I now wake up feeling like I’ve had a decent night’s sleep. My other half uses an Easifit so the different colours means no confusion.*

Mr David Gardiner – SleepPro Easifit

Had a remarkable result from my first night with a SleepPro. Many thanks.*

Mr Stephen Markham – SleepPro Sleep Tight

I have recently changed from an Easifit to the Sleep Tight. Although it had stopped my snoring it sometimes fell out during the night as my jaw is quite narrow. The Sleep Tight is a snugger fit and I no longer have the problem.*

Dr Sebastian Kraemer – SleepPro Easifit

My wife says it’s a ‘miracle’. Best wishes JMB – SleepPro Easifit This is the best mouthpiece of its type that I have tried – and I have tried most of them. I wear it every night, much to the relief of my other half*.


Dr Bruno Innocenti – SleepPro Custom

My experience with the SleepPro Custom is going very well indeed, so much so that I am now recommending it to friends and medical colleagues.
I found it easy to use andno longer snore. This problem often affects younger people too, but inevitably with age, people find themselves having to face annoying snoring, which is especially difficult for those who sleep next to them. Because of my strength of feeling that this is a very serious problem, not just a laughing matter, I am very happy to help you spread the word and encourage people to use a SleepPro.*

Ray Oakley – SleepPro Custom

I received my SleepPro Custom this morning and it fits perfectly so thank you. Taking one’s own impressions was very simple with your very easy to follow instructions and I am very impressed with the quality of the finished article.
After I started to use the SleepPro Custom my sleep quality has now improved dramatically. I don’t snore, grind my teeth or bite my tongue and I feel so much better the following morning.*


Tony Styles – SleepPro Contour

I am so pleased with my SleepPro Contour. I don’t snore any more and so I’m sleeping well – but importantly I can adjust it to what seems the most comfortable fit at that time – it makes all the difference to be able to do that as it seems to vary over time. The different settings solve the problem.*

 Margaret Stevens – SleepPro Contour

 This has really helped me. Having seven different settings to fine tune the original fit of the mouthpiece is a godsend.*


 Jim Rushton – SleepPro Chinstrap

 My snoring problem is fixed – and for next to no money. When I fell asleep my mouth was forever open according to my wife, and the noise was deafening.
She’s so pleased that she now gets a great night’s sleep, as I do, that she’s just bought me another two as back up.*