Dream Sipper - SleepPro Snoring Solution
Dream Sipper - SleepPro Snoring Solution

Dream Sipper

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Yes A Glass Of Water Really Can Stop You Snoring!

With A Little Help From Science

Imagine, no more nights of restless tossing and turning trying to get your partner to stop snoring, no more guilt at having ruined another nights sleep for your partner. 

Time to enjoy nights of peaceful, tranquil, snore free sleep

Made from super soft, medical grade silicone. The Dream Sipper is BPA free and scientifically developed to reduce snoring. We have a healthy way to cure your snoring problem with the Dream Sipper.

Has Science  Found A Cure For Snoring?

Dream Sipper utilizes proven swallow improvement techniques from several clinical studies (available upon request). A key study,  “Functional treatment of snoring based on the tongue-repositioning maneuver,” proves that using a tongue trainer like the Dream Sipper reduces snoring.

A major US university hospital is presently engaged in clinical studies to evaluate how the Dream Sipper helps sleep apnea and dysphagia.

  • A natural way to reduce frequent snoring
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • If you use an oral device already this could reduce the need to wear it by 50% or more
  • Use for just 5 seconds before eating then repeat the proper swallowing during the meal
  • Based on Clinical Studies
  • The same product is  used by Speech Therapists to improve swallowing

Results will vary from person to person, but in clinical observations improvements in sleep quality and a reduction in the frequency of snoring has been documented after just 5 days use. 

If you already use some form of oral device to help your snoring we would suggest you continue to use it for at least 2 weeks before trying a few nights without.